Does your company need a therapist?!?!

Does your company need a therapist?!?!

by Jessica Stillman from

If you have areas in need of improvement in your life (and, honestly, who doesn't?), you've probably read articles and books around the issues, asked friends or relatives for advice, or even sought the help of a coach or expert. But have you considered that maybe you're dancing around the real solution — maybe you need to see an actual bona fide shrink?

Steve Tobak, writing on Entrepreneur recently, thinks may more of us should consider getting over the irrational stigma around mental health professionals and get the kind of help that will, well, actually help.

"It's become the norm to seek council from an ever-growing grab-bag of self-help authors, motivational speakers, life coaches, and self-proclaimed experts who are not the least bit qualified to change their own lives, let alone anyone else's," he writes.

"Look, don't get me wrong. If your career isn't going exactly the way you hoped it would or your business has suffered a setback or two, I'm not saying you should run out and see a shrink. But if you have significant recurring issues that have been plaguing you for years and it feels like you're not getting anywhere, it's something to consider," Tobak concludes.

The company shrink?

He's got a point. You can read all the productivity and confidence building tips you want online, but if your problem with getting stuff done or getting yourself out there stems from deep-seated fears of success, feelings of unworthiness, or other common but limiting mental health issues, no trick or technique is going to get the job done unless you confront and conquer those demons…

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And if you think you'd like your own company "shrink", or better still, your own Chief Happiness Officer, then get in touch as we'd love to talk more about helping you out!