Do you spend your time on the RIGHT things to create happiness?

Do you spend your time on the RIGHT things to create happiness?

It's been said (and I'd largely agree) that time is the most valuable commodity. 

Certainly it's true that we all have the same amount of time so when we look at the happiest and most successful people we can't attribute their happiness and success to having more of this thing; what we can see, however, is that they spend their time on different things!

Devoting your time to the "right" activities and not wasting time on the "wrong" activities can indubitably bring about more happiness, joy, health and wellbeing! So check out this article with 8 tips for better focusing your time…

by Casey Imafidon

What should we actually spend our time on? It is interesting to consider that we have more time than ever before. Although many spend their time on providing food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their families, according to the U.S Department of Labor, the average American over the age of 15 still has more than five hours of free time each day. So how do we make our time count? What do we have to eliminate, delegate, and minimize?

“Dost thou love life?  Then do not squander time,for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

?Benjamin Franklin

1. We should spend more time with ourselves rather than with the needless dramas around us

There are many benefits to spending time with ourselves. It relieves stress, gives us a rounder perspective of life, and helps us to be more independent. It also offers us clarity, purpose, and definition. By spending more time with ourselves, we can avoid the needless dramas that surround us. Nonsense like hurtful relationships and negative talk will only make us unhappy.

2. We should spend more time reading instead of watching TV

Watching TV is becoming not just a leisure activity, but an addiction. In the United States, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American watched TV for 2.8 hours per day. This could amount to 9 years of TV for an average person. All that time could be spent on something more productive or enjoyable, like reading. Reading will help you to know and understand people around you, the world, and yourself.

3. We should spend time with our families rather than compulsive busyness

Our family should remain a priority in our lives. They are the reason we do so many things in life. However, it is easy to start neglecting the people that motivate our hard work. Spending time with your family affords you the opportunity to appreciate the fundamental things of life…

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