For more happiness…make these 10 choices EVERY day!

For more happiness…make these 10 choices EVERY day!

If you've been following my work here at The Happiness Institute for any length of time then you probably know that I very much believe, and have advocated for many, many years now, that happiness is a choice. 

Every minute of every day, when we choose our attitude and choose how we interact with others and choose what we eat and choose whether or not to exercise we choose happiness…or not! 

Which is why I very much like and why I've chosen to share this great article with you today…

by Vishnu Subramanian via MindBodyGreen

A few years ago, I was leading an unconscious life.

I was doing soul-crushing work as a lawyer and climbing the professional ladder. I also found myself in a dysfunctional relationship and practiced mental self-sabotage on a daily basis.

When my life hit rock bottom with a divorce, I was shaken to the core. But I was able to realize I had an opportunity to rebuild my life from the ground back up. I let go of my job, career and relationship to start living with more intention and purpose.

I consciously began making decisions that led to more joyful living.

You and I both have choices every single day.

You can choose to live an unconscious, follow-the-crowd life, or a more evolved and soul-centered one. You can choose between allowing your ego to lead, or your spirit.

Here are 10 soulful choices you can make daily to live a joyful life:

1. Choose desires over obligations.

So much of your life is based on what you’re supposed to do and what everyone else is doing. Society makes you feel terrible for going after your dreams. So does your family.

You’ve only got one life to live, so stay true to your desires. If you want more passion, fun or excitement in your life, get out of your soul-sucking corporate job and pursue that thing that makes you come alive every day.

2. Choose connection over things.

Stop buying crap that makes you look good or feel good. This is a never-ending cycle that never truly satisfies. Vow to cut your spending and simplify your wardrobe and home.

Instead of meaningless shopping and accumulation, reach out to friends and family and spend some time with them. Talk to them, take them out and take interest in their lives.

3. Choose understanding over grudges.

It’s easy to get offended. In fact, you’re likely to get offended just reading this article! Or maybe you get offended because you didn’t get invited to a get-together that you didn’t really have time to attend in the first place.

So many things can piss you off on a daily basis, but you can check your expectations at the door. Things will not always work out in your favor — your favorite croissant might be sold out, you could end up in traffic, or your sister could have forgotten your birthday.

Seek to understand the situation and rather than hold a life-time grudge and file a lawsuit, find a way to express compassion. Look at things from the perspective of others…

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