7 radical ways to reclaim responsibility for your own happiness

7 radical ways to reclaim responsibility for your own happiness

It's YOUR happiness so YOU need to take responsibility! 

And this great article by Light Watkins from MindBodyGreen lists 7 great ways to own your own happiness…

A recent Harris poll reported that only 33% of Americans describe themselves as being “very happy.”

So does that mean that not all happiness is equal? Assuming there are different grades of happiness, how can we go from minimal, short-term happiness, to long-term happiness which no doubt equates to being very happy?

Short-term happiness would be the thinnest form of happiness, I imagine, because it means you’re only happy for a reason. In other words, you got a new job, a new relationship, or maybe you’re finally getting that divorce — and therefore, you’re happy.

And while no form of happiness is permanent, this form of happiness appears to be the most fleeting. Because what happens if you don’t like your new job, or if your new partner leaves you for someone else after a week? The initial happiness will probably fade quicker than a temporary tattoo.

Being very happy, on the other hand, is where your happiness can survive work drama or bleak dating prospects.

This doesn’t mean that very happy people blindly accepting whatever is happening to them. On the contrary, they are usually the first to initiate a change in circumstances, especially if they feel they’ve done everything they could do to aid or repair the situation. Daily meditation and gratitude exercises are now widely accepted as tools to fortify your happiness.

But I wanted to present other, less obvious action steps that we can use right now to go from short-term to long-term happiness.

1. Don’t be easily discouraged by unfavorable circumstances.

As we usually see with time, life circumstances aren’t always as bad as they look, or as good as they seem. Despite what strange things happen, remember that life has an uncanny way of turning out for the best. Instead of being guided solely by external circumstances, strongly consider what you’re feeling in your heart, and practice making your final decisions based on the still small voice within.

2. Let go of control.

One of my favorite internet memes is “Don’t worry, nothing is in control.” There is very little that any of us are in control of. Even our own minds are operating on autopilot for much of the time. Therefore, practice letting the chips fall where they may, and accepting people as they are. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have expectations. We all do. But when they are not met (and as you know, this happens more often than not) try to adjust your expectations to accommodate the reality of the situation…

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