7 morning habits to be happier at work

7 morning habits to be happier at work

Start off your day well and you're well on your way to a happier day. 

Kick start your morning with the right habits (not just caffiene) and you'll set yourself up for more happiness and success. 

In this Huffington Post article David Tomas outlines how…

During the starting phases of my business I realized how rushed my days were. I was continually running around trying to get more done than I possibly could. So I began researching solutions, and after reading hundreds of books and articles, I came up with a personal list to help with creating happiness and getting rid of the daily rush. I've since shared these ideas with my company, and witnessed many positive reactions after employees implemented them into their daily lives. Both they and myself have felt more fulfilled, calm and happy throughout the day.

It all starts with your morning: rather than waking up on the wrong side of the bed, start with calm positivity. Whether you're an early riser who finds enjoyment in the early hours of the day, or a night owl who falls asleep already dreading the sound of the alarm, these seven morning habits will form the basis of a happy and productive workday.

Wake Up Earlier

In 2007 I attended an event featuring management expert Ken Blanchard. During a lunch, Blanchard was asked how people could be more present and relaxed during the day. His simple, intelligent response stuck with me: start your day slowly.

By habitually setting your alarm an hour earlier, you can start your day off at a slower pace with enough time to relax, think about what you need to do and plan out your day. Changing the time you wake up can have dramatic effects on your happiness and productivity. Taking this time in the morning to prepare for your day, as I have experienced, leaves you with enough time to reflect on what you want to do that day while feeling both calm and ready to go.

Try Breathing Exercises

Focusing on your breathing is proven to help increase concentration, decrease stress and lower blood pressure. Starting your day off with some breathing exercises can help you feel ready for a productive day. An example is deep belly breaths, where you take in a deep breath through your nose, fill your stomach and slowly release the air through your lips. You can also count the seconds while you breathe, counting to four as you breathe in, holding your breathe for five seconds and releasing it for six seconds. These are just two of the many exercise examples that will leave you feeling calm…

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