7 important life lessons you might need to learn the hard way

7 important life lessons you might need to learn the hard way

Happiness is about enjoying the good times AND getting through the tough times…

by Lea Bullen via PickTheBrain

How’s life going, smooth sailing, right?

Well, of course there are a few hiccups every now and then.

But when something comes up isn’t it so much easier to learn from someone else’s mistakes, especially when they point them out for you.

It’s way better than trying to figure things out on your own, making the same cycle of mistakes until you finally learn the hard way.

But unfortunately you don’t have it that easy. At least not with the most important parts.

Sure you’ll go to school for a number of decades and learn scores of helpful information. But none of it will teach you how to live a happy and successful life.

Trigonometry and chemistry will seem simple when compared to having to navigate your way through life. They don’t teach you that in school. They leave the really hard stuff for you to sort out.

Not to say that reading and writing along with math and science isn’t important, just that finding your path and being happy in your everyday life is just as important. Just because it wasn’t in a textbook doesn’t mean you don’t need it.

The fact of the matter is you don’t stop learning. You become a student of life.  And in order to get to where you want to be in a timely manner you have to be a quick learner, or have one hell of a cheat sheet.

Life Lessons                   

Life lessons are among the most important things that you’ll learn after completing your academic career. They teach you something that forever changes how you handle things from that point on.

They’re important because identifying and learning them can be the difference between being stuck in the same place for eternity or moving forward effectively and making progress.

I think it’s safe to say we’d all rather move on and find happiness rather than spin our wheels in the same place of misery forever.

The only issue is, how do you learn the stuff you don’t know you need or you don’t know is important beforehand.

There isn’t any class that teaches you all about the important, hard life lessons. You end up stumbling on to them at different parts in your life.

Some of them even take decades to grasp and learn.

If you’re lucky you might get a heads up from grandpa about one or two. But chances are he’s going to tell you when you’re a little too young to understand. So it falls on deaf ears.

By the time you put two and two together, you’re already stuck.

Most people end up learning important life lessons the hard way, so they allow everyone else to do the same.

But that ends here because there’s really no point in you suffering through the same process everyone else did.

Getting a Head of the Curve

Your outcome is going to be very different from theirs because you will walk through life knowing what it took others much of their life to gain.

You’re going to have the advantage of wisdom before having the experience. Typically you gain the wisdom after having the experience. Now, just think of what you’ll gain from being knowledgeable going into it.

You’ll completely avoid the series of mistakes and setbacks that take place before you actually learn, not to mention the frustration and drama that comes along with it.

You’ll be one smart cookie. You’ll know exactly what to do and what to take from the experience, making it easier to succeed and navigate your way to happiness.

So let’s skip all the drama.

Forgiveness is all about you

Holding on to a grudge may seem like you’re punishing someone for hurting you, but you’re doing more harm to yourself. As long as you’re focused on this you can’t truly be happy.

While forgiving them may seem like letting them get off easy, because the grudge hinders you more than it hurts them, you’re actually not. In fact, it has nothing to do with them.

You’re actually letting go of the past so that you can focus on your present and future. Let karma take care of them…

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