3 simple ways to create more happiness

3 simple ways to create more happiness

It ain't always easy, but it doesn't need to be complicated either! 

via Fulfillment Daily by Lahnna Catalino

The Challenge: We want to be happy, but is the pursuit of happiness backfiring on us?

The Science: People who strive to feel happy all of the time may suffer disappointment, but “prioritizing positivity” may be more effective.

The Solution: Here are three simple ways to more effectively pursue happiness.

We all want to be happy. And science shows that happiness not only feels great but also predicts better physical health and even a higher paycheck.

But how do we pursue happiness effectively? After all, some recent scientific research actually cautions us against the pursuit of happiness. For instance, a study led by Iris Mauss, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, found that people instructed to feel happier while watching a pleasant film clip ended up feeling worse than people instructed just to watch the clip. Findings like this are echoed in the popular press: Writer Ruth Whippman argued in a recent New York Times piece that the pursuit of happiness is a “recipe for neurosis.”

But is this the whole story? Are we doomed to fail at the pursuit of happiness?

It depends. The difference between effectively and ineffectively pursuing happiness may all be in how we go about it. Research suggests that people who strive to feel happy all of the time may suffer disappointment, and people who pursue happiness as if it were the only thing that matters may, ironically, chase happiness away.

But these are not the only ways you can go about pursuing happiness…

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