5 great ways to bring some excitement (and happiness) back into your life!

5 great ways to bring some excitement (and happiness) back into your life!

Happiness. Fun. Excitement. Life!

These are all highly interrelated and this great article helps us enjoy more of them…

via PsychCentral by Dr. Kate Siner 

Happiness is not a destination you reach; it’s a mindset you embrace, right now…today!

If you’re like most people, you think happiness is a destination — and that, of course, YOU have a one-way ticket there.

You might also believe that happiness comes with having everything you want. But thinking this way can really mislead us and results in us looking for happiness in all the wrong places while comparing ourselves against impossible ideals.

We’re constantly exposed to the media telling us our lives require event filled days, adventurous nights, and luxurious experiences in order to make it fulfilling. When we compare our lives against these images, our existence can seem boring or ho-hum when in reality our lives are actually quite normal.

If you find that each of your days fade into the next, remember: Nothing is wrong with your life and nothing is wrong with you! It’s just that in reality — some of life is just not that exciting. However, you can do some simple things to shake things up, break the rut, and put some “WOW” into our normal, ordinary days.

In other words: To really get the most out of life, we need to learn to make the most out of life.

Doing this is easier and more fun than you might expect. Best of all, it doesn’t require that you climb a mountain or win the lottery to achieve it. So here are five fun ways to love the life you’re living right here, right now:

1. Celebrate the Super Small Stuff

We’re the “meaning makers” of our life. If we don’t create meaning, appreciate the little things, celebrate our wins, and mourn our losses, then regardless of how good it gets nothing is going to feel that special.

There are some celebrations that you probably already observe (like birthdays and major holidays), but how do you celebrate your little wins? What goal did you reach that’s deserving of a high-five? Know that when you get a tiny raise, work out faithfully for a month, spend two years at a job, or even adopt a dog…it all matters. So, dedicate time to celebrating you and the ones you love. Need a hand getting started?

Try this: Pick a “brag” from your week so far that you’re most proud of. Ask a loved one to do it, too. Then find a way to celebrate your “brags” together — just for fun…

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