20 quotes to guide your life

20 quotes to guide your life

What's not to love about a great quote…or 20?!?!

They can inspire, motivate and make happy! In fact I often turn to inspirational quotes from wise and successful people to fuel my happiness. That's not to say I'll relate to every cliche out there; but many are relevant and when I find the right ones I find my own happiness and motivation increases…especially when I tweak the quotes to ensure they're relevant and appropriate for me as an individual. 

So if you find happiness in great quotes then check out this great list below…

via Elephant Journal by Kate Evans

For years—before memes, before the internet existed—I’ve collected quotes.

Recently, when I wrote my memoir, I decided to include an epigraph at the start of each chapter. I was lucky to have so many quotes to pick from—and at the same time, it was a bit overwhelming to pick the most meaningful words.

I sifted through years of notes to collect the lines that were most influential in the course of my life. The ones that spoke to my soul. The ones that truly altered the way I thought, the way I lived.

Because how we think is how we live.

These are the words I come back to, again and again, to remind me what is most important.

Life can distract us. We need reminders. Here I give you my top 20:

  1. “What if rather than being disheartened by the ambiguity, the uncertainty of life, we accepted it and relaxed into it?” ~ Pema Chodron

  2. “I stopped waiting for the world to give me what I wanted; I started giving it to myself.” ~ Byron Katie

  3. “The highest goal one can achieve is amazement.” ~ Goethe

  4. “Illness sets the stage for the opening of our hearts.” ~ Judith Orloff

  5. “With the whole world as the apple of your eye, all of life becomes an aphrodisiac.” ~ Gregg Levoy

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