The world can seem crazy sometimes; but you can still feel safe with these 3 tips!

The world can seem crazy sometimes; but you can still feel safe with these 3 tips!

via the Washingon Post by Cynthia Kane

I’m reminded constantly that the world is a scary place. That if I go one block this way I need to be careful, or that I need to pay attention to the weather because there’s a big storm headed my way, and if I’m going to travel I should definitely use Purell. Or that if I don’t pay my credit card bills I’ll be in debt; that if I don’t have kids by x date I may never; and if I do have kids, how will I afford them? Yes, it’s true. There’s a lot that’s scary about the world. The school shootings; ISIL; unemployment; climate change, and I could go on.

With so much to worry about it’s no wonder the majority of us are battling anxiety. According to The National Institute of Mental Health anxiety affects 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population.

It’s easy for us to start in on the worry web, creating one strand and the next, only to end up stuck in the middle. My web was woven tight, but after learning to believe in myself, accept uncertainty, and live in the present I began to break through.

Below are three ways we can help ourselves feel safer in the world.

Believe in Yourself

According to a National Science Foundation report we have about 1,000 thoughts an hour. Think about how many of these thoughts are fearful? Stories we tell ourselves again and again. We could get sick; lose our jobs; never get out of debt or be in a good relationship. These thoughts take over and keep us running the same track of worry, dilemma, and concern. The more laps we take the more this kind of self-talk makes us feel we’re incapable of handling what life throws our way. And the less we believe we can take care of ourselves, the more harmful the world becomes.

If we want to feel safe in the world we need to believe we can take care of ourselves when things get tough or unexpected situations occur. “Being grounded in one’s self” says New York City-based psychotherapist Susan Solomon, “leads to a feeling of safety. When we feel balanced, no one or thing has the power to rock our world.”

To feel calm and balanced we want to alter the way we speak to ourselves about the world. A 2009 article published in the Psychology of Sport and Exercise examined the effects of motivational self-talk on self-confidence, anxiety, and task performance in young athletes. The result? Motivational self-talk can enhance self-confidence and reduce cognitive anxiety.

“Motivational self-talk is probably the best way to enhance one’s self-confidence.” says Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Associate Professor at the University of Thessaly in Greece and one of the reports authors. “When using self-talk as a strategy to improve performance or regulating a behavior, our research has shown that consistency and systematic use is the key to make your self-talk effective.”

The more we say  ‘I can take care of myself’ instead of ‘I’ll never be able to'; or ‘I can handle this’ instead of ‘I can’t deal with this’ the more our confidence increases and our worry decreases.

If we want to feel safe, we need to believe we can handle life’s ups and downs. To start, try increasing your motivational self-talk and decreasing the negative self-talk…

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