Have you lost the art of accepting positivity?

Have you lost the art of accepting positivity?

I've learned over many years now that my happiness tends to peak when I'm thinking more of and doing more for others. Giving (time, attention, resources) seems to be my best way to feel good. 

But that being said, one of my biggest personal happpiness challenges is learning how to accept praise and compliments…without deflecting or discounting or just plain ignoring them! 

And do you know what? I'm not alone…

…so many of us find it difficult to receieve; and this can markedly detract from our happiness and wellbeing. 

So if any of this sounds familiar to you then read on and reflect upon this important article – 

via Psychology Today by John Amodeo

We’re taught that giving is superior to receiving. Indeed, the art of giving is a helpful corrective to human narcissism. Seeing what others need to be happy requires empathy and kindness.

But receiving is an equally noble endeavor.

We may strive to love, but to what extent do we allow ourselves to be loved? When someone extends attention and caring toward us, how deeply do we let it in? Can we allow ourselves to be nourished by another’s kindness? Receiving deeply provides needed nutrients for our soul, while also honoring the giver—making them feel that they've made a difference in our life.

Being mindful of the following might deepen your capacity to receive, thereby bringing greater fulfillment to your life:

Get Out of Your Head and Be Relaxed in Your Body

When someone does us a favor or compliments us, we might feel awkward or shy, or not know how to respond. We might think we’re required to reciprocate. We might wonder: Must I now do them a favor or compliment them? Are they expecting something in return? Do I really deserve this kindness? Such thoughts keep us imprisoned in our head. Negative self-talk keeps us depressed, disconnected, and unhappy.

The next time someone gives something to you, see if you can take a deep breath and let it be. Relax. Don’t trouble yourself by trying to figure it all out. Don’t overthink it. Just let it in.

The trick is to get out of your head and stay in your body. How do you feel in your stomach and chest to be gifted with such kindness? If thoughts are swirling, simply notice them and set them aside…

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