18 great reminders of how kind people can really be

18 great reminders of how kind people can really be

Sometimes the world seems pretty bleak. 

But sometimes the world seems truly amazing; and the people in it truly kind and caring and loving and wonderful. 

That's happiness. 

So for more happiness, check out these 18 amazing examples from 2015 of kindness and charity…

via the Good News Network

Here’s a way to start your New Year with a full heart!  We’ve collected our favorite stories from 2015 to remind you how good humanity can be – 9 acts of kindness from adults, and 9 from kids and teens. Which good deeds are your favorite?

1. Man Builds Tiny House for Homeless Woman Sleeping in the Dirt

The kindness of Elvis Summers has gone down in Good News Network history after he whipped up a tiny shelter for his homeless friend in only 5 days. Since his initial construction, Summers has hosted several tiny house building events in L.A. and crowdfunded over $80,000 to construct more houses. (Full story here…)

2. Firefighters Pay it Forward–Big Time–After Waitress With Heart of Gold Picks Up Tab

When a young New Jersey waitress picked up the tab for some firefighters struggling against a neighborhood blaze, it sparked another good deed after the civil servants found out she had been struggling in her own way, using a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy a wheelchair accessible van for her father. (Full story here…)

3. UK Football Stars Buy Hotel, Invite Homeless to Stay For Winter

Manchester United football stars Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs scored big time when they bought an old Stock Exchange building at £1.5 million for UK homeless folk to keep warm in the winter. (Full story here…)

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