5 great questions to discover your purpose…and create more happiness!

5 great questions to discover your purpose…and create more happiness!

Real happiness is about more than just fun and pleasure. 

Real happiness is at least partly about living a life with meaning and purpose. 

Which is why the 5 great questions in this article will help you create more happiness by helping you determine your purpose…

via Addicted2Success by Chris Diaz

Work like you don’t need the money! We have all heard the saying. Some of us can only dream about loving what we do, others get stuck in a whirlwind of mediocrity and some are on a journey to find the work they love, so they never have to work another day in their life again.

There are many keys to success, but until you find your purpose in life, your journey will feel like a ship lost at sea. Purpose is the compass that will get you to your destination, so you can stop questioning your life’s existence on the path to success.

When you have purpose, all of your actions, decisions and motivations are channeled through an indescribable energy that directs you towards your end goal no matter what trials and tribulations come your way.

The journey of discovering your purpose in life is not easy. It takes time, effort and focus, but once you discover what makes you tick you’ll never look back again. The answer lies within you, just keep digging.

Here are 5 Questions To Help You Start Discovering Your Purpose:

1. What makes you lose track of time?

Take yourself back to when you were a child and you were playing your favorite game. Do you remember how it made you feel to spend hours doing something that you loved? You were so engrossed in it that the only way you knew what time it was is because your parents called you in for dinner. 

As a grown up, dig deep and find the things that make you feel the same way. Do you love helping people, writing, designing, crafting or teaching?

Once you find the thing that you love, you can easily apply those skills to a variety of different ways to start loving the work that you do. You need to re-invent you.

“A good time occurs precisely when we lose track of what time it is.” – Robert Capon

2. What are you a natural at?

We all possess some kind of natural talent and ability.  Find that one thing that feels effortless to you, while others struggle at it.

If you take some time to develop it, you can become the master of it. But the question is – what is it? That question lies within you. For all you know, you may have been ignoring it or unaware of it this entire time. It may come so natural to you, that you never paid attention to it.

Observe yourself. Ask people who know you well. They can help give you feedback that opens your eyes. You may be a natural at organizing things, understanding complex concepts, teaching, dancing, singing, anything. Just keep pushing on until you find it out…

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