How Positive Psychology can Boost your Business in 2016

How Positive Psychology can Boost your Business in 2016

via the Huffington Post by Dan Cullinson 

Gaining an advantage

Much in the same way that sports men and women are seeking the services of sports psychologists to develop ways to achieve peak performance, so now are businesses turning to psychology to look for ways to gain an advantage over their competitors and maximise the potential of their employees. Leaders are learning how to apply psychological skills to grow their businesses and for their employees to be able to perform optimally.

Now not all businesses will be down on their luck, some may be doing just fine, however, who wouldn't want to learn how you could go from good to great? Positive psychology is the scientific research into how people thrive, succeed and perform at their best and it continues to deliver evidence-based interventions that can enable employees and businesses to flourish.

Growing your business

As the world economy tentatively comes out of the global economic downturn, businesses may be looking to grow themselves, but may not have the financial resources to easily do this. Learning skills and activities from the field of positive psychology can enable businesses to get more out of the existing resources available to them and see their employees begin to flourish. Often these activities are straight-forward and easy for businesses to implement.

Ways in which positive psychology approaches have been shown to grow businesses:

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Greater employee productivity

  • Better suitability of employees recruited

  • Improved health and wellbeing

  • Higher job satisfaction

  • Lower employee stress and anxiety levels

  • Reduced turnover of employees

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