8 habits of wildly happy couples!

8 habits of wildly happy couples!

via the Huffington Post by R L Adams

We've all met the "happy couple" that always seem to be smiling, laughing, and enjoying life to the fullest. They never seem to argue or fuss about inane things, and are in perfect harmony, forever residing on the same wavelength as one another.

And we've all asked ourselves the question, "How can they be so happy?" What is it that these happy couples do so differently from the rest of us? Do they have some secret recipe to the perfect relationship that we just didn't get the memo for? Are they simply just happier in life? Or is it something entirely different?

Finding happiness in a relationship isn't the result of random chance. It isn't likened to winning the lottery. It's the upshot of two individuals that are in sync and exhibit the same eight daily habits that help them become the wildly-happy couples that they are.

#1 — They're grateful for each other

We get whatever it is that we choose to focus on in life. Focus on problems, and you'll see them bigger and brighter, ever-evolving even. However, wildly-happy couples don't focus on the problems. They focus on their gratitude.

Every day, they count their blessings. They're grateful for one another because they choose to focus on that rather than the problems. Sure, they also have problems, just like everyone else. But they don't live in those problems. They live in gratitude for one another.

Together, they can solve any problem, and they know that. And they would rather face their problems with each other than go it alone.

#2 — They never go to bed angry

Wildly-happy couples have fights, just like the rest of the world's couples. But they never go to bed angry. They kiss and makeup before that happens. By going to bed angry, it only festers and grows deeper. And they refuse to allow that to happen.

This indicates that they can disagree on some things and even fight about other things, but at the end of the day, they both commit to set their egos aside for the good of the relationship by making up before it's time to call it a night.

#3 — They kiss passionately

In the beginning, every relationship has some element of passion to it. Over time, that passion wanes. But, no matter how long they're together, wildly-happy couples keep that intimacy alive. They kiss passionately. They touch, feeling the warmth of one another's embrace on a daily basis.

Without passion, relationships can easily die. And keeping that passion alive is no simple feat, especially when dealing with the common stresses of life. But, by kissing passionately on a daily basis, wildly-happy couples keep that initial zeal for one another alive…

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