10 ways to SUSTAINABLE happiness

10 ways to SUSTAINABLE happiness

via Pick The Brain

What really brings us sustained happiness and how can you bring more of it into your life by design?

There are frills and short lived excitement which is all and fine. But what are those things that we can bring more into our life that provides us with a bit of lasting joy?

We are going to find a few today. Shall we?

1. Clarity on What You Want

Knowing what you want, whether it is a calling or a strong urge to accomplish something, feeds energy and excitement into your being that is both contagious and attractive.

The opposite of course is confusion, hesitation and mind friction which breaks your flow.

This state keeps you in a friction loop that holds you back from making any progress. If you are looking for clarity about what you want, journal your thoughts regarding all possible directions to consider.

Write down all answers to your Why questions.

See if it aligns with your values, your strengths, and your excitement level. Factor it all in and keep these notes to remind you why you are going for it.

2. Doing Something Difficult

Confidence builds when we are able to do something we once thought of as difficult or impossible.

Beating a tough opponent, passing a difficult exam, conquering something you feared. All these elevate your self esteem and give you more strength and courage to do more.

Doing something easy gets boring over time. True confidence builds from conquering challenges that makes us grow.

3. Doing the Right Thing

It isn’t always easy to do the right thing. When faced with a difficult decision, ask yourself: Is this the right thing to do?

It may not always feel good but deep inside you know you are a bigger person for doing the right thing. Building a strong character makes you feel good about yourself…

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