21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn_ã_t Have And Live The Life You Want Now

21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn_ã_t Have And Live The Life You Want Now

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What if you could travel back in time?

You’d probably do a lot of things differently, right?

You’d reverse the mistakes you made, resolve the arguments you regretted, and stand up for the choices you now realize matter more than careers or bank balances.

And you’d take the chances you let slip through your fumbling fingers.

Oh boy, guilt and shame are a mean double act. They berate you over and over for the same mistakes, for actions you did and didn’t take.

That negative cycle leaves you forever trapped in that time and in that situation.

I know. I lived a half-life of guilt and shame for years. Until I realized that regret is a choice and a habit.

Life can unfold so much better from where you are right now if you choose differently and commit to a new habit. The habit of living life without regret.

You can break the corrosive cycle of regret and move on.

You can create that life you dream of right now — without a time machine.

21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn’t Have

1.  Stop thinking it’s too late.

It’s never too late to atone for past mistakes. Even if the person you believe you wronged has passed away, there is something you can do. For instance if they loved animals, you could make a donation in their memory to an animal charity.

2.Separate reality from fiction.

Most people have a selective memory and tend to see the past through a false filter, even if unintentionally. You may believe that you were at fault, but in reality it may have been the best you could do in the circumstances or with the knowledge you had available at the time.

3. Quit asking the wrong question.

Stop Asking  “What if ? What if I had or hadn’t done this or that?” Ask instead “ What if I carry on like this? I’ll end up wasting my life and that will add another regret on top of the original one. Am I really prepared to go on like this?”

4. Own up to your mistake.

If you genuinely messed up, then apologize. And understand you’re apologizing for you. No matter how long ago it was, it will help ‘close’ the episode in your mind, allowing you to move on.

5. Divorce your regret.

Treat your regret as a separate entity with which you have irreconcilable differences. Officially end the relationship and start over.

6.  Stop missing out on the present.

Regret keeps you endlessly locked in the past, re-living past events in your own personal world of painful memories. Realize how much you are missing out and remember “ Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow”.

7. Atone for your past failings in the present.

Maybe you regret being mean with money when you were younger. Maybe you refused to help others. Put this right now by generously giving your time and/or money to charitable causes.

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