5 super easy ways to get happy right now!

5 super easy ways to get happy right now!

So many people want everything now!

So often wanting everything now, especially happiness, is not realistic! 

But sometimes we can achieve goals, sometimes we can boost our happiness…very quickly. 

And this article outlines 5 quick and effective strategies for improving your mood…

via MindBodyGreen by Meghan Telpner

An epidemic has descended upon us — but not a physical one. It’s unhappiness. More than 50 percent of Americans are unhappy at work, and our general life satisfaction is even worse: a mere one-third of people describe themselves as “very happy.”

That means most of us — 70 percent — are unhappy.

It’s in our best interest, both mentally and physically, to make the effort to be happier. Research indicates that happy people are more successful, have more resilience and better coping skills, catch fewer colds, and have a reduced risk of heart disease.

Though I wish it were as simple as slurping up a green juice, making a quinoa salad, and calling it a happy day, it goes much deeper than that. Fortunately, happiness is like a muscle — the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. Here are five ways we can create more happiness in our lives:

1. Decide to be happy.

Happiness doesn’t strike us by luck or happenstance. People who seem to always be happy make a conscious decision to be happy regardless of circumstance. We can choose to grumble over traffic or the weather, or we can take a more positive approach. You might be thinking, “Oh, you’re oversimplifying. It’s not that easy.” It’s not always easy, but it is simple. And the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it.

2. Turn it into a practice.

Take 10 minutes a day to be consciously happy. Think about the blessings in your life. Schedule it into your calendar if you need to! Focus on all the things you have to be grateful for: a roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in, food in the fridge, loving relationships, sunshine. And spend time every day doing something that brings you happiness — even if it’s something as simple as sitting in solitude with a cup of tea. Let the positive feelings wash over you and bask in them…

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