Lessons from Japan about health and happiness

Lessons from Japan about health and happiness

via Elephant Journal by Alice Williams 

Every nation has something they do exceptionally well.

The Swiss have their chocolate, the Dutch their legalised marijuana, and Germany their amazing cars and wonderful sense of humour (okay, maybe not the last.)

And Zen-loving Japan? Simplicity.

When you consider that Japan squeezes five times our population into a country one twentieth of our size, there is not an extra inch of space for junk. No surprise that their hottest export right now is de-cluttering expert Marie Kondo, who can fold a t-shirt like nobody’s business.

While in the West we’re all madly trying to be more, achieve more and earn more, we’re finally catching on that living simply is essential to being able to enjoy abundance, minus the stress.

These are the top five techniques I incorporated after a recent month-long trip to Japan:

1. Abstain completely from that which drags you down.

The key to the famed Japanese efficiency? If something slows them down or doesn’t “spark joy” (be it a habit, food, people) they simply ditch it.

Forget moderation. Keeping it in your life just a little bit is actually more difficult than cutting it out altogether. By dropping it cold turkey we simply don’t have to think about it. If we can turn a habit to auto-pilot, it’s effortless to maintain…

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