Do some of your beliefs prevent you from experiencing happiness?

Do some of your beliefs prevent you from experiencing happiness?

9 Seemingly Harmless Beliefs That Are Actually Keeping You From True Happiness

by Kim Quindlen via ThoughtCatalog

1. The belief that a happy life and an easy life are the same thing. An easy life means no difficult choices, no heartache, no challenges, no fear, no rejection, no failure. But an easy life also means no adventure, no growth, no thrill, no risk, no appreciation for joy, and no love so great that it feels like your heart could burst. Happiness comes with a price (of pain, of worry, of anxiety), but it’s the most worthwhile price you’ll ever pay.

2. The belief that happiness is something you should grasp at, rather than something that exists inside of your being. The problem with happiness is people think it’s just another trophy to put on their shelf, something they can chase after until they finally catch it and can display it to others. But you’ll have much more luck experiencing contentment if you learn to be grateful for what you do have, especially the simplest of things: air in your lungs, the fact that the sun rose again this morning, a smile from someone you love. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll feel how deep the connection of those little happy moments goes into your soul…

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