4 things you should do EVERY day for more happiness

4 things you should do EVERY day for more happiness

via FastCompany by Lisa Evans

Do great work, you’ll get a promotion and then you’ll be happy. This is the mainstream formula for happiness.

We’re taught that working hard will lead to a great success and finally result in happiness. But happiness experts say our formula is wrong. They argue being happy first is what causes us to do great work and have great successes. A Harvard Business Review analysis of hundreds of happiness studies showed happy workers were 31% more productive, had 37% higher sales, and were three times more creative. But how can we achieve this happy state of mind? Neil Pasricha, the author of the bestselling book The Book of Awesome has now penned a second book called The Happiness Equation which outlines the steps to happiness. Pasricha argues all we need is 20 minutes a day to perform one of four happiness habits:


We know physical activity can impact our mood, but Pasricha points out a study by Pennsylvania State researchers who discovered three 20-minute walks per week caused people to outperform on a happiness scale people who were taking anti-depressants and people who were walking and taking anti-depressants, showing that exercise alone can impact your happiness…

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