Making happiness simple…with 7 quick tips

Making happiness simple…with 7 quick tips

Via PickTheBrain by Pierre Franckh

Do you know how many thoughts you think on a daily basis?

And that most of them are of the ‘worrying’ kind?

If we leave our ‘brain alone’ it’ll overwhelm us with negative thoughts.

Psychologists have discovered that more than 60-70% of what we think is discouraging, ‘mental chatter’.

Thoughts like:

“Oh, others are more successful than me.”

“Look how happy they are – it’s just not happening to me.”

And so on.

As long as we don’t change our thoughts, we spin on a downward spiral..

Conscious thoughts leading towards a goal in life, and taming the ‘monkey mind’ (as the Buddhists say) are the key to happiness and success.

How do I know? Well I had to experience it to understand it.

I was a very famous actor in Germany, living the ‘red carpet’ life, believing I had everything you could wish for.

But actually, I was deeply unhappy.

After 40 years in the industry, I decided to find out how I could truly be happy, and locked myself away for a four-month  ‘retreat’ in a flat with no electricity. My goal was to find out how I can be truly happy.

The book, ‘The Desire Code, 7 Keys to Happiness and success’, was born.

Easy–to-read, simple, thought-turning ways to show you how you can turn your life around. Just as I did.

There is one secret behind it: Don’t just read them! Be active! Do it! Pick the brain and shape it the way you want it!

Key 1 – Just start!

It’s easier to approach this in a playful way by beginning with things of less significance.

Energy follows attention, so focus on positive things.

Train your brain for success by achieving small goals. Your brain’s reward system will remember that and become ‘addicted’ to success – and reward.

Step by step you can reach towards higher goals.

Key 2 – Get the wording right

Observe your words! Listen to what you’re saying. Use language that leads to happiness rather than reinforces current struggles.

Don’t talk about your lack of confidence, about your lack of success or your doubts. It creates a feeling of being a ‘loser’, which you’re clearly not. You just think you are one. Change your thoughts, change your life.

By focusing on your goal, focus on want you ‘want’, not want you ‘don’t want’.

“You must ask for what you really want, don’t go back to sleep.” – Rumi…

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