16 rules that will lead you to more happiness

16 rules that will lead you to more happiness

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Admit that developing your skills and growing emotionally are not the first things in your agenda, if they are even there. Life is full of events and responsibilities; days go by very fast. Many of us forget to work on our physical, emotional and spiritual state. We forget that we need to grow every day.

It doesn’t mean you are not beautiful right now, but constant growth and constant changes are necessary to keep you happy and motivated. The following are 16 rules that can become the foundation for your self-perfection. Make a small step to the better version of you every day.

Enrich your mind

Organize yourself

If you organize your days in a nice and comfortable way, you will find yourself being more relaxed and confident. One good tip here is to deal with the most difficult and massive tasks in the morning. If you leave them for later, you will feel burdened the whole day; who needs that?

Start developing and acquiring skills

There is no better time for it than now. You shouldn’t wait for a special perfect day to start learning how to play the guitar or speak Spanish. Do you want to learn new things? Make the first step: buy a guitar or sign up to take a foreign language course and pay upfront. Thus, you’ll be better motivated to do what you’ve wanted to do for years.

Make a deal with your friends

If you don’t have the resources to buy a music instrument or sign up for courses, it is not an excuse. I bet some of your friends have a guitar at home lying with no use. And I bet there is at least one of your friends who speaks a foreign language. You can ask them to help you and offer something you can do for them in return.

Read, read and once more – read!

Read books of any genre, as many as you can. Books broaden your outlook, make you think and give you the experience you may never acquire in real life. If you don’t know what to read, start with books that got Nobel or Pulitzer Prizes.

Develop your body

Exercise every day

The worst mistake with exercising is seeing it as something unpleasant and torturous. You don’t have to exhaust yourself with super difficult physical activities so that you cannot get out of bed the next day. Just do simple exercises such as squats, push-ups and some stretching exercises. The most important thing is that you do it every day. Yu can run one day, play tennis the next day and do yoga the third day. See it as an interesting hobby and not as something you just have to do with no desire. After a couple of weeks you will feel differently about exercising…

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