Here’s why striving for happiness is NOT selfish!

Here’s why striving for happiness is NOT selfish!

via the Huffington Post by Jennifer Lachs

Hands up if you like cheesy quotes! Something along the lines of “Happiness never goes out of style,” or “Don’t worry, be happy.” They sound and look great on posters, mugs and Pinterest walls, and are usually about passions, following your dreams or doing what makes you happy.

But who really follows their advice? Who actually turns their life upside down to strive for happiness above all else? Reading and sharing these quotes on Facebook is fine, but actually following their message would be crazy, right? Wouldn’t that be completely selfish?

Sadly, for many of us, happiness has been pushed down the priorities list. It’s more important to be sensible, have a good career, and keep up with the Joneses. Happiness has become a luxury reserved for vacations or kids.

After all, kids are allowed to be happy, and they’re supposed to be. Most parents want nothing more for their kids than to find their dream jobs, dream partners and to live long and happy lives. However, most adults wouldn’t describe themselves or their lives as particularly happy. So where did our childhood dreams go astray? At what point did happiness stop being a priority, the ultimate goal even, and become something seen as selfish?

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