Keeping it simple: 10 of the easiest tips for more happiness

Keeping it simple: 10 of the easiest tips for more happiness


Just be happy. Boom, there you go, look at that. There’s the ultimate way to become happier. Anybody who doesn’t like that answer can leave this post now, because they obviously can’t handle my sarcasm, due to their sensitivity from being so unhappy…

Okay okay, I’ll be real with you now. I can’t help it, I have to keep you on your toes, you know? Otherwise this is no fun for me.

Happiness makes life better. It makes stress less stressful, a bad day a decent day, and a good day a fantastic day. There is no way to lose when your happy because even when you really do lose, it’s easier to see the positivity within.

Which brings me to number one:

1.) Befriend Negativity

Yep, you read that right. In order to be happy, you must befriend negativity as if it’s human. Let me tell you why with a carefully thought out example:

Negativity, is a really dumb bully. It picks you as a victim, because well, you’re you. And basically, it tries to make your life hell.

The thing is, this bully is ridiculously unintelligent. It has no motive, and no clue that your upset by the things he is doing, he just does those things because that’s who he is.

With that in mind, couldn’t you choose to see past his initial rudeness and learn to love what’s inside? In other words, can’t you see his unbearably annoying actions, as feedback or constructive criticism instead?

One more example:

You go to the grocery store one day. There are no open spots in front, or anywhere near the front for that matter. So, you park in a little side lot in front of the Chinese place next door, but it’s okay because you don’t mind the walk.

You go into the store, get your groceries, and head back to the car. There, in the spot you parked, sits a different car. You panic, scramble for your keys, and find that you don’t have them because you left them in your unlocked car before you went into the store…

Your car’s now stolen. How do you feel?

There are different ways to see this situation. Obviously there’s no way to slide it under the rug and continue your happy day like nothing happened, but let me ask you this:

Are you ever going to leave the keys in your unlocked car again?

If you can just see the little glimmer of light in a bad situation, and understand that there is at least one good thing no matter how microscopic it may be, then you have befriended negativity.

The bully can no longer bully you if you start laughing at his jokes.

No matter how shitty they are.

2.) Live In The Moment

How cliche, right? If you want to be happy just do the superstar thing to do and live in the moment.

This is easier said than done. Mainly because we spend most of our time either thinking about the past, or planning the future. Not enough time is spent in the present moment.

If you think about it, the past is intangible, and the future is determined by the present. Therefore, isn’t the present moment kind of like the most important since it kind of like decides your future?

There are many techniques to train yourself how to be more mindful of the present moment. My favorite is meditation. Most people I bring up meditation too say it’s cool then never try it, or they look at me like they’re not religious and I’m asking them to go to church.

Either way, a lot of successful people swear by it. For example:

  • Tony Schwartz

  • Bill Ford

  • Oprah Winfrey

  • Arianna Huffington

  • Robert Stiller

  • Steve Jobs

  • Jerry Seinfeld

  • Jennifer Anisten

  • Russell Brand

  • Lebron James

  • Derek Jeter

The list goes on. Celebrities, CEO’s, Athletes, etc. They all meditate. How ironic that so many successful people do this. It’s almost like meditation can actually really help or something. Crazy huh?

If you wanna give it a try, check out this awesome site that teaches great techniques to start meditating. It’s five simple minutes out of your day, you can handle it. If not, then whatever. It’s not like I actually care about your well being or anything.

You can also practice living in the moment by being mindful during your daily life. Focus on the task at hand and immerse yourself into it. Whether you’re just taking a walk, or writing a research paper. The more “in the moment” you are, the happier you will be…

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