For MORE happiness, be LESS judgemental!

For MORE happiness, be LESS judgemental!

How To Become 20 Percent Happier Through One Mental Exercise

via the Huffington Post by Greg Kushnick

Do you REALLY want to know an easy way to find headspace and live a happier life?

After helping thousands of New Yorkers achieve success with their therapeutic goals, I’ve learned a shortcut or two for finding psychological lightness and increasing headspace.

I would estimate that your baseline happiness levels will increase by about 20% if you regularly practice my one recommendation in this post.

I’m serious. If practiced and taken seriously, this hack could potentially stimulate the following mental health benefits:

  • a reduction in unhealthy forms of social comparison
  • more experiences of being grounded via humility and perspective
  • a greater sense of connection to people
  • relief from some forms of depression
  • improved anger management

That’s a HUGE benefit stuffed into a quick but powerful intervention.

Here’s the happiness hack…

Every time you think or declare out loud a judgment against yourself or someone else, try saying to yourself, “Ahh, here goes —insert your name — judging again!” or “Oops, here I go judging again.”

Keep doing this even if it happens 100 times in a single day. You can be discreet and say it under your breath or in your mind.

This hack is practical and universal.

The express path to happiness begins with putting space between you and your judgments…

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