How to develop a personal, strategic plan for more happiness

How to develop a personal, strategic plan for more happiness

via the Huffington Post by Tchiki Davis

Happiness is something nearly everyone wants more of. Perhaps we don’t feel it often enough or strongly enough, or it seems to slip through our fingers far too easily.

Many happiness seekers have read dozens of articles, yet they don’t feel much closer to creating the happiness they desire in their lives. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Reading about the practices that increase happiness is a great first step. But the key that you may not have heard yet is this: To increase your happiness, you need a strategic plan for action.

Making a plan for optimizing happiness is more important than most people realize. But think about it: Would you bake a cake without a recipe? Would you fix your transmission without the car manual? Would you go on a journey into the wilderness without a map? We know, intuitively, that a plan or guide or map—some kind of tool—makes it much easier to effectively navigate new territory.
If long-term happiness is new territory for you, then you need some kind of plan that maps out a strategy for reaching your happiness goals.

How to make an effective happiness plan

The best way to make progress toward a happier life is by being strategic and focusing on the skills that you need to learn. As an example, consider math skills. Say you are great at addition but not so good at multiplication. It’s unlikely that practicing addition will make you better at multiplication. To get better at multiplication, you need to practice multiplication. And your math skills, as a whole, will not get much better until you practice multiplication.

The same logic holds for happiness…

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