Not as happy as you’d like to be? Here’re 10 reasons why happiness might be eluding you!

Not as happy as you’d like to be? Here’re 10 reasons why happiness might be eluding you!

via PsychologyToday by Stephanie Sarkis

It seems like happiness is just beyond your grasp, no matter how hard you try to feel good. It may feel like a lot of people have this “happiness” thing down, and you are one step outside that circle. Here are reasons why happiness may be eluding you, and how you can fix it.

1. You are too hard on yourself.

You may be expecting perfection from yourself, and when you don’t reach it, you get upset with yourself. No one is perfect. Aim for good enough. Very few things in life really require that you do them perfectly. And if you do something perfectly, you are still an imperfect person. The imperfections are what make life interesting and fun. Imperfections give you good stories to talk about later. Remember, you always have the right to do less than what is humanly possible.

2. You forget you have a choice.

You may be feeling stuck in your life – you’re having the same issues at work, hearing the same complaints from your kids, having the same money issues every month. First try to change something about your circumstances. If you can’t change your circumstances, you can change how you feel about them. When you change just one thing in your life, your whole world can change. Sometimes we have difficulties making changes in our lives because it means taking risks and experiencing loss. However, when we don’t make changes, we forget we have choices.

3. You’re aiming for happiness instead of contentment or meaning.

People who find happiness usually describe it as being content or finding meaning in their lives. Being “happy” can be overrated – change your definition of it. Happiness may not mean smiling and feeling “up” every day. Happiness can mean that you give back to others in your community; you have close relationships with others; or you work for a cause you believe in…

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