10 Meditations On Life To Use When You Feel Like Giving Up

10 Meditations On Life To Use When You Feel Like Giving Up

Over the years I’ve increasingly described happiness as being LESS clean and bright and simple and MORE dirty and dark and complex.

That might surprise some people but the reality is, that no one’s happy ALL the time and now matter how great our lives might seem at times (and they can be great) we will all face challenges and adversity and tough days.

Acknowledging this is one of the most important and effective ways to cope better; but even when we cope there will still be times we feel like giving up. On those days, these 10 meditations on life will most definitely help…

via Thought Catalog by Amin Osman

I had an(other) anxiety attack at work today. Just a side effect of grieving an epic weekend of drinks, frolicking, naps, and musical theater (these are a few of my favorite things!), then finding myself back on the grind while my happiness grinds to a halt. Factor in some radio silence from a job interview I swear I aced, and my mind snowballed into general helplessness and hopelessness.

I’m too poor for therapy and lack the follow-through to fully hone a drug addiction, so to cope, I decided to give myself a pep talk. Tell myself the things I’d tell someone else in my situation. Now, I’m a wannabe writer/performer toiling as an assistant in Film/TV, so maybe these are only specific to my own brand of self-inflicted torture… but if I can’t help myself, I’m hoping these might help you instead:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

You don’t know their lives. You don’t know how hard they cry at night. Or maybe they don’t, maybe they’re way cheerier than you and don’t even need melatonin* (*a fat blunt) to sleep at night, loser. But that’s the point. You don’t know.

2. Stop Thinking You’re Too Old

Somewhere, an actual old person hates you for thinking that. And somewhere in a spooky graveyard, a bony, rotting hand rises from the grave to smack that old person for thinking they’re too old, because as long as you’re here… you’ve still got a chance.

3. You Can’t Be Both An Unsung Genius And A Talentless Fool

Pick one, or recognize that you’re really somewhere in between. I, for one, choose “talentless fool” and am hoping this article confirms that!

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