Is your work meaningful? If not…make it!

Is your work meaningful? If not…make it!

The anatomy of meaningful work – by Nico Rose via Fulfillment Daily

The Challenge: Sometimes finding meaningful work seems to be just a mix of luck and intuition.
The Science:
A recent study reveals common components of fulfilling work.
The Solution:
 Use these gauges to find work that is meaningful for you! 

This week, I stumbled upon a fascinating article in the MIT Sloan Management Review written by Catherine Bailey and Adrian Madden. They interviewed 135 people from 10 different walks of life in order to find out what makes their work especially meaningful – and also, what destroys their job-related sense of meaningfulness. While I’ve read other articles that provide valuable syntheses of meaning in work in the past (see here, here, and here), this one is especially rich in context, providing in-depth personal accounts of peoples’ experiences. This makes the findings especially palpable.

Here are some takeaways…

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