Create more happiness, for yourself AND others, with these 30 acts of self-love

Create more happiness, for yourself AND others, with these 30 acts of self-love

via PickTheBrain by Willchou

This is the year that you grow into a kinder, happier, and love-giving person. I’ve put together a 30-day self-love challenge for you that will fuel you into becoming a ball of lively positivity. Each of these habits is designed to take you less than 10 minutes a day so you won’t have any excuses. I want this to be measurable and attainable because it will hold you accountable and energized upon achievement.

Day 1 – Write down 5 things that you love about yourself.

Day 2 – Find an old picture of you and a family member. Write a comment about how this person has helped you without expecting anything back and give thanks. It can be on Facebook or anywhere else.

Day 3 – Stand in front of a door that gets decent traffic. Open the door for people and smile. Smile until they smile back. Do this for at least 2 minutes.

Day 4 – Find one homeless person and give them some money. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but when you give it to them, make eye contact and smile.

Day 5 – Look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself with emotion, “I love you.” Repeat 5 times.

Day 6 – Write ten things that you are proud you accomplished in your journal

Day 7 – If you have to pay for something (like a restaurant bill, bar tab, or toll booth), pay for the next person who comes by even if you’ll never meet him or her.

Day 8 – Find somewhere to volunteer where people are less fortunate than you and make a monthly commitment to participate.

Day 9 – Write a thoughtful comment that has at least 100 words to a blogger that expressed something that made you feel something.

Day 10 – Eat a bunch of fruit and savor every moment. Marvel at every morsel and how it tastes. Appreciate how easily you have access to this fruit. Consider how others in the world don’t. Chew slowly…

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