25 small life changes that can bring big results

25 small life changes that can bring big results

I’m a huge believer in how little things can create big changes.

Here at The Happiness Institute we’ve been saying for more than a decade and a half now that…achieving happiness requires little more than practising a few small things, every day.

From little things, big things grow…including happiness and success.

And that’s why I love this article so much; and I hope you enjoy it too…

25 Small Life Changes That Create Lasting Success

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What are some of the best life tips? originally appeared on Quorathe knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Dean Yeong on Quora:

  1. Start before you’re ready. I spent 4 minutes and 12 seconds trying to craft a perfect introduction to this article. But you’re reading this because my mind finally said f*ck it, and I started writing.
  2. Don’t stop when you’re tired/upset/exhausted, stop when you’re done. By stop, I mean stop trying and telling yourself it’s done before it’s actually done. It’s not–challenges, failures, and setbacks are temporary. Now, move on!
  3. Everything comes with a price. Literally, everything. If you’re not up to paying the price, don’t complain about not getting what you want in life.
  4. Stop complaining. It changes nothing at all. It just annoys the hell out of others and makes you feel worse.
  5. Stop comparing. We have very little (if any) of the information we would need in order to make a rational comparison. In most cases, we are evaluating our worst against others’ best when we compare…

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