If you want happiness to be a daily experience, then try these 5 tips…

If you want happiness to be a daily experience, then try these 5 tips…

5 Ways to Increase Happiness in Daily Life

via Mindful.org by Elisha Goldstein

We all want to be happy, undeniably.

For some people happiness comes easier than others, but what we’re starting to understand is that happiness—that sense of connection and ease of appreciating the good moments and being more graceful and resilient during the difficult ones—is a skill and strength that we can all build.

Note: Set all judgments aside when you read this, practice these techniques for yourself, and let experience be your teacher.

1. Practice happiness for other people’s happiness – When you see others doing good things for themselves such as exercising, laughing with a group of friends, or experiencing an accomplishment, practice being supportive of them in your mind. Say things like, “good for you for taking care of yourself” or “glad you’re having a moment of joy.” Smile in your mind at them or just say, “Yes!”

2. Practice non-violent communication toward yourself – We’ve known for a long time we’re our own worst critics, and the way we talk to ourselves has a major impact on how we feel. Being a little self-critical is okay, but most of us experience it all too regularly. That has to be nipped in the bud. See if you can label any of that self-judgment, and in that moment flip it to actively thinking about things you like about yourself…

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