Check out these great thoughts on self-worth

Check out these great thoughts on self-worth

It’s hard to be happy without self-worth.

It’s hard to be successful without self-worth.

It’s hard to enjoy a great life without self-worth.

In fact it’s easy to argue that self-worth is at the foundation of pretty much everything most (if not all) of us desire in life.

Which is why I’m very happy to share with you these 7 fantastic blogs on self-worth for your reading and learning pleasure…

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Self-Worth is a heartbreaker. It’s cozy and comfortable to repeat the same destructive thought patterns, making insecurity our very best friend. That friend we rely on to free ourselves from feeling valuable deep down, the one we commiserate with, the one who really knows we are scared, the one that could never betray us. That is a lie. So, this is where the heartbreak comes in. Upholding a negative opinion of ourselves is as easy as it is senseless, since it is just a judgment after all. We are aware of this absurdity, yet, we do it to ourselves.

Self-worth is about valuing who we are inherently and not about outside actions dictating how you feel about and perceive yourself. Comparing, evaluating and criticizing attacks our self-worth, what helps build and discover our inherent worth is compassion toward the self, generosity, integrity and challenging our negative beliefs.

Here are 7 blogs that are particularly helpful on the road to a positive acceptance and unearthing of your self-worth:

-Calmness, self-awareness and composure are key traits to confidence according to Celestine Chua and her blog. She equips us with the knowledge of what it is exactly that chips away at our self worth and offers a few tools to release yourself from limiting beliefs.

How to Be The Most Confident Person In The World

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