Let’s all make sure kindness wins…

Let’s all make sure kindness wins…

More than ever we need kindness.

And love.

And compassion and tolerance and understanding.

More than ever, happiness and the principles of positive psychology are vital for our health and wellbeing and, dare I say it, survival.

So for those of you struggling to know what to do or where to start, here are 11 acts of kindness you can perform this weekend, this week or any time! I hope they bring you and ALL those around you happiness and healing…

via the Huffington Post by Lindsay Holmes

This week was a real doozy. We could all stand to feel a little warm and fuzzy right about now.

Luckily (conveniently?) Sunday, November 13 marks World Kindness Day, an awareness event that encourages people to be generous with others. And it would benefit us to participate: Research shows that kindness boosts our overall well-being.

Below are just a few ways we can exercise altruism this weekend and beyond.

1. Don’t avoid eye contact. Research shows exchanging a smile with a stranger can increase feelings of social connectedness.

2. Hold a door open for someone and tell them to have a nice day.

Simple? Yes. Powerful? Absolutely.

3. Donate money to a personally meaningful organization.

No contribution is too small. Research indicates that human beings are hardwired for empathy, which could explain why we feel compelled to take action for others when we feel there’s some sort of injustice at play…

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