Create your own happiness – this is how you can do it!

Create your own happiness – this is how you can do it!

via ThoughtCatalog by Antasha Durbin

Imagine a small child playing outside. She has no toys, but she does have an inspired mind and the raw materials around her. She picks up a stick from the ground and runs toward the nearest tree.

Just before running into it, she stops and gasps in amazement. She looks up, tilting her head ever so slightly to the left. From her vantage point, the tree seems to go on and on forever. And although she can’t quite comprehend how interconnected and vital the tree is to her and the world around her, she knows there is something magical about it.

While waving the stick in her hand, she begins wildly encircling the outer boundaries of the tree. She imagines warding off invaders who are trying to take over her kingdom, her power. But, she manages to protect herself and her tree.

She spends the entire day being happy. Afterall, happiness is her natural state of being. Floating around her everywhere, as obvious as the stars in a clear night’s sky.

But, as she grows into an adult her outlook on life changes. She begins to question everything about her childhood and life and shifts into a state of despair.

“Why is life so unfair?”
She wonders.

Happinesses is now nothing more than a mirage existing somewhere in the far off distance — quickly diluting and disappearing as the distance grows shorter.

“Who am I?”
She questions unsettlingly.

The little girl who once defended her kingdom with nothing more than a stick had somehow slipped away like her fantasies. She was replaced with an uncertain and fearful woman who is so caught up in the undertow of her day-to-day life that she stopped searching for more.

After all, she has bills, responsibilities and a job. She grew complacent with life—never asking for or seeking more.

But, somewhere deep inside, she longed for the lost child within her and the happiness that was once unquestionably part of who she was.

She is you. She is me. She is all of us.

Somewhere along the way we bury part or even all of the child within us. Perhaps it because of a job. Or a relationship. Or a series of disappointing or traumatic life events. But, whatever the reason, you can still find your inner child and harvest happiness back into fruition.

So where do you begin? Start here…

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