3 Mantras to Guide Your Personal Personal Growth Day-by-Day

3 Mantras to Guide Your Personal Personal Growth Day-by-Day

via Inc.com by Marty Fukuda

If you offered me a chance to go back in time and change the path that led me to where I’m at today, I would politely decline. While far from a picturesque journey, I believe I am stronger for enduring the missteps and scrapes of my youth.

I value the education I received (even if I was just a C student), and I value the professional experiences and mentors who helped me along the way. However, if asked to narrow down the one singular driver of any success that came my way, I’d attribute it to my dedication to personal growth. For roughly the past two decades, I’ve read just about anything I can get my hands on in terms of professional and personal growth. I’ve leaned on the knowledge accumulated over 20 years to help me make both everyday and long-range decisions.

Here are my three personal growth mantras that can work for anyone:

1. Understand the power of the Pareto Principle.

Most commonly referred to as the 80/20 rule, it is the principle that you see 80 percent of the results from just 20 percent of the effort put forth, and vice-versa. The most valuable commodity known to man is time. It’s the great equalizer across nations, races or anything else implying differences in people. We all start the day with the same amount of time — some just pack more in productivity.

I believe everyone can carve out 60 minutes a day of “free” time, a period not tied to work, family, sleep, errands or the typical demands of life. Now, I’m not suggesting you spend all of this time devoted to the pursuit of personal growth. We need time for recreation or just plain catching-up. All I ask of myself, or anyone, is to take just 20 percent of your seven personal “free” hours — roughly 90 minutes — and invest it in yourself.

Read that book that you heard a great speaker recommend; take a class; or listen to a podcast. Do something that increases your knowledge in the area of personal growth. Consistently get in this habit for several weeks in a row, and you’ll likely find this 20 percent of your time probably yielding results in your life far greater than the 80 percent impact that the Pareto Principle suggests. The key is consistency! No one gets ahead in the personal growth game by cramming…

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