It’s not too late for New Year resolutions but…try these 6 things instead!

It’s not too late for New Year resolutions but…try these 6 things instead!

via the Huffington Post by Alyson Seligman

New Year, New You. Ugh, we’ve heard it all before. Every January to be specific. But trying to create major change for a new year based on the idea of a “resolutions” rarely works. It’s about really taking a step back to see how and where you can enhance your daily life.

I get it; thinking about your whole entire life can be a little overwhelming. I mean, there’s work, family, friends, life, health, home and all the nuances involved in each. So don’t freak out and don’t haphazardly create unrealistic resolutions that you’re likely to bail on before February is here.

While we’re all in different life places, I have a feeling adhering to the following six things will begin to improve your life.

1. Create short term to-dos, and long-term goals. OK, deep breath. Sit with a blank sheet of paper (or the notes section of your phone) and make a list of all the crap you need to get done in the next week. That stuff always bogs down our brain from digging deeper to the real stuff. Now that you’ve cleared that clutter — and can start checking those items off — think about longer term goals. Maybe it’s planning a girls trip or a solo one, launching a new business, reading one book per month, committing to a yoga schedule or re-evaluating big relationships in your life. Really think about it, be honest with yourself (this is key), and write that sh*t down. The act of writing it makes it real, and seeing these goals is a constant (nagging) reminder to make it happen. Start integrating steps to get there in your weekly to-do lists. Be relentless.

2. Get moving. I’m not saying you should go from couch potato to an ambitious marathon runner — though, mega props if you want to! — just commit to get your tush moving. A healthier body is really a healthier mind and happier self. Head to the gym, try a dance class (I’m fully going to try a beginners hip hop!), even have a dance party in your pajamas. No judgement, just move that body. And, don’t do it with the aim to solely lose weight. Do it because it feels good, because it’s time for you, and because it will make you stronger and healthier…

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