Share good news and…boost your health and happiness!

Share good news and…boost your health and happiness!

So many good things happen…but we keep them to ourselves.

So many people want to be healthier and happier…but we’re not sure what to do.

What if we combined these two challenges?

Research suggests we can boost our health and happiness by sharing good news! Sound like something you’d like? Read more below…

via PsychCentral by Janice Wood

A new study finds that supportive, responsive partners provide a buffer to loneliness and sleep deficits among military couples.

Better sleep, communication, and emotional support are key to better overall health and to being successful in the workplace, according to the research, which was presented at the 2017 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention.

“This study adds to a larger body of literature that supports how important it is to share with your partner when good things happen, as well as to respond positively to the sharing of good news,” said Sarah Arpin, a social psychologist at Gonzaga University…

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