Why you should aim for happiness and fun at work!

Why you should aim for happiness and fun at work!

People learn more when their offices are fun!

via Science of Us by Drake Baer

Baby boomers and millennials are equally infused with the Protestant work ethic — the hyperdutiful drive toward productivity that makes everybody eat lunch at their desks and work while sick and never take vacation.

But, contrary to what the people who wanted to ban Christmas for being too indulgent would have you believe, lots of research is showing that enjoying your job and the company of the people you do it with is good for your health and your performance. The latest data comes care of a new paper in the Journal of Vocational Behavior, lead-authored by Michael J. Tews at Penn State.

The self-report-based study was composed of two waves of surveys sent to over 200 managers at a company that owns and manages about 80 casual restaurants across the U.S. The first survey measured the number of “fun” activities that happened at the workplace, like happy hours and competitions and celebrations of work achievement and such. The second survey, sent six months later, measured “informal learning,” which the researchers say includes “self-reflection, experimenting with new ways of performing work, interacting with others, and reading job-relevant material.”

After crunching the numbers, the researchers found that fun activities significantly related to learning from others, learning from articles in print and online, and overall informal learning…

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