An amazingly simple but effective formula for improving your performance in anything!

An amazingly simple but effective formula for improving your performance in anything!

via by Melissa Levin

We are all in search of secrets for the fountain of youth. Whether it’s through the $3 billion cosmetic surgery industry, or through the $30 billion fitness industry, we are all seeking hacks that will give us a competitive edge physically, mentally, and intellectually.

What if you could simply shift your thinking so that you could improve your performance in any aspect of your life? Envision turning a kaleidoscope ever so slightly to the left or right, and experiencing an entirely new perspective.

That’s what this shift will do for you.

I recently watched Eduardo Briceno’s TED Talk: “How to get better at the things you care about.”

Briceno identified 2 “zones” that the most successful people occupy at any given time:
  • The learning zone
  • The performance zone

The Learning Zone

The purpose of the Learning Zone is to soak up everything we can to improve.

The world’s most successful leaders, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg, intentionally devote time to the learning zone.

They devote a minimum of 5 hours a week to reading.

  • Oprah shares that her books were her “personal pass to freedom.”
  • Mark Cuban reads at least 3 hours every day.
  • Billionaire investor David Rubenstein reads 6 books a week.

Setting aside time every week to learn, and to improve, is the most reliable way to move from your current state to your desired state. Leadership is a continuous journey…. we never arrive at our pinnacle of leadership. There is always more to learn.

The Performance Zone

The performance zone is where we intentionally apply what we have learned, and we work towards mastery…

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