How and why the Zen concept of non-attachment will help you enjoy more happiness

How and why the Zen concept of non-attachment will help you enjoy more happiness

Happiness…it comes less from what you have and more from what you’re prepared to not have.

Happiness…it’s not feeling good all the time but just as much so, responding appropriately to not feeling good.

In all this, the Zen concept of non-attachment can significantly enhance our happiness and the quality of our lives. Here’s how…

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A lot of people tend to misunderstand the non-attachment concept inspired by Buddhism.

While some people think it’s negative, non-attachment actually provides several benefits to everyone.

For one, it brings a deeper form of love, freedom, compassion and care, beyond what is readily imagined.

To clear up some misinterpretations about non-attachment, we’ve summarized an article written by spiritual guru Osho on the subject. We’ve also share a YouTube video at the bottom of this article where Alan Watts breaks down non-attachment in 3 minutes.

So what is non-attachment or detachment really?

Firstly, Osho says that non-attachment principle does not mean that you have to be as cold as stone. Feelings and emotions will still exist even if you decide to free yourself from them. The only difference is how you respond and relate to them.

Even those who are famous for being the best spiritual teachers are capable of playing, laughing, smiling and crying. There are times, though, when they also experience moments of frustration and impatience. It’s because just like us, they are also human beings, so they will never be exempted from those negative feelings.

How do they handle those emotions?

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