Keeping the passion alive in key relationships

Keeping the passion alive in key relationships

We know happiness is very much associated with the quality of key relationships.

So maximising happiness is dependent on maximising love and passion within these relationships.

In this great article from Scientific American, Jeanne Dorin outlines “How to keep the passion alive”…

It’s one of Hollywood’s classic plotlines: the married couple trying to reignite their passion after years of kids, dirty laundry and, well, life together. Sound familiar? Probably because it echoes a common complaint among real-life couples, who often experience a decline in sexual desire over time. But according to new research, long-term couples can buck the trend and get their groove back if they learn how to be more responsive partners.

The study, published in the October 2016 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found that couples can reawaken desire by demonstrating and practicing “responsiveness”—reactions and behaviors that signal a person genuinely appreciates and supports his or her partner and is willing to invest in the relationship…

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