13 reasons why…it’s important to keep trying even when it seems so hard!

13 reasons why…it’s important to keep trying even when it seems so hard!

Some days, happiness seems so, so difficult.

Some days, happiness seems so, so impossible.

Some days, sadness and depression seem so overwhelming and it’s hard enough to find the energy to get up and out of bed…let alone do anything meaningful or constructive.

But today I want to reassure you that even on the most difficult days, in fact especially on the most difficult days, it’s well worth trying to do what ever you can to do “the right things” even if it doesn’t seem like they’ll pay off in the near future. 

So here’s 13 reasons why it’s important to keep trying…

  1. happy and successful people focus more on the process, rather than the outcomes; so it’s important to keep trying to do the right things even when the results don’t seem to be coming
  2. even if you don’t achieve anything noteworthy, it feels good to try
  3. even if you can’t see the results now, making an effort will (in some not insignificant way) contribute to progress (even if it’s in the medium to longer term)
  4. and if you reinforce yourself for trying, you can enjoy at least some satisfaction and positive emotion, which can then kick-start the positivity needed to do and achieve and enjoy more
  5. trying is better than the alternative; it very rarely helps to give up completely
  6. even if or when you can’t find the motivation or reason to do it for yourself, do it for others because your efforts and motivation will “spread” to those who’re nearest and dearest to you
  7. and further, trying sends a positive message to others that we can all, even during our most difficult times, do and try something
  8. sometimes if you begin by “faking it”, you can create your own inspiration that will then make it real (see my previous post HERE)
  9. movement creates momentum; effort leads to energy
  10. the more you do the easier it becomes; practice makes better
  11. trying something might lead you down a path you hadn’t considered which might then contribute to a positive outcome you’d not imagined possible
  12. which suggests another important consideration; if you’re going to be trying something it might, at times, be worth trying something completely different
  13. and finally, remember, that sometimes you’ll surprise yourself and something great will happen!

So there you have it; 13 reasons why it’s worth trying and how through trying…good things can (eventually) happen!