Do this ONE THING for personal development – and more happiness and success in life

Do this ONE THING for personal development – and more happiness and success in life

Do you want more happiness and success?

Do you want to grow and learn and live better?

Well, if you answered YES then there’s ONE THING you should do; because it’s pretty much guaranteed to help you develop personally, professionally and in every way, delivering more growth and happiness than you could imagine.

What is this one thing? Read on…

via by Amy Vetter

Think back on the times in your life when you’ve grown — either personally or professionally — the most. Often, the catalyst for that growth had to do with starting over. Whether it’s by your own design or due to circumstances beyond your control, being new pushes you outside of your comfort zone, heightens your awareness, and almost guarantees personal development.

This has been 100% true for me. I never really had an interest in yoga, but I reluctantly tried it when I got sick with a thyroid condition after my second son was born. I wasn’t allowed to do most forms of exercise, and yoga was my only option. Learning was uncomfortable at times, but by diving in, pushing through the challenges, and absorbing new skills, I slowly transformed from a person who thought yoga was not for “Type A” personalities to someone who realized that moving a bit slower and more deliberately takes its own skill and discipline.

Over the years, I have taken the lessons I’ve learned in yoga and applied them to different areas of my life, including in my businesses. My push into yoga is one of the clearest examples of how being new at something accelerated my learning and growth. I’ve had a similar experience each time I started a business. With a new company, you need to put in the time and do what it takes to get the business running smoothly. No task is too small — whether it means taking out the trash or sending out mailers to local businesses to advertise your services — a good business owner will get their hands dirty, which often requires jumping into unfamiliar territory and figuring it out as you go.

So you should seek out opportunities to be the new kid. Here’s why…

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