10 Essential Qualities for Living an Authentically Empowered Life

10 Essential Qualities for Living an Authentically Empowered Life

Happiness. Authenticity. Empowerment.

Each of these words can be used in the same context…that of living our best, happiest life.

So that which brings us more happiness will often overlap with that which involves authenticity etc. And if these are qualities you’d like to develop and have more of then read on…

via Entrepreneur by Sherrie Campbell

To be powerful in the business world you must possess the essential qualities that will guarantee to keep you ahead of the game. The majority of people do not reach the levels of success or satisfaction they desire, not because they don’t have the talent, but because they do not have the other qualities necessary to make it happen. To live as powerfully as you desire, you must embody the indispensable qualities of those who have reached the mecca of success before you.

1. Live fiercely.

Living fiercely means you challenge yourself to live life to the fullest. Do not compare yourself to others. Your only real competition is with your own self-doubt. If you cater to your doubt, it will partner with “delay” and you will struggle to initiate and follow through. You may live an average life, but it won’t be a satisfying life. Living fiercely means you go at life with your whole heart. The more fiercely you live, the more wonderful life becomes. Those who have succeeded, those who have the wealth and happiness you desire, have lived fiercely.

2. Care deeply.

Caring deeply means you know who you are, what you need and how to have compassion for yourself. In doing this, you increase your capacity to care for all others; even those whom you would prefer not to spend time with. If you cannot be kind, you must have the grace to remain silent. Further, when you care deeply about what you do, what your purpose is, and the effort and quality of the work you put into yourself, your passions and others, it will show. Caring deeply helps you create sustainable networks that are supportive of your efforts. Caring deeply is contagious, as it inspires others to want to be a part of what you’re doing…

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