Finsbury Park, Palace of Westminster, Terrorism and more…I don’t want to live in this world any more!

Finsbury Park, Palace of Westminster, Terrorism and more…I don’t want to live in this world any more!

by Dr. Tim Sharp

In recent weeks I’ve been shocked and distressed by several terror related acts of violence and murder in London; and then there’s the outright tragedy of the Grenfell fire.

Prior to that, in recent years, we’ve witnessed horrible incidents in Paris, New York and increasingly, it would seem, around the world.

Alongside this the language of politics seems to be becoming increasingly violent and divisive; intolerance and bigotry appear to be taking over.

Although I’ve been lucky enough not to be affected directly by any of these events, I have felt the loss and pain deeply from afar. It saddens me so very, very much to hear and see such anger and hatred, propagated by those who in some way must somehow believe that murder is an answer to the world’s woes.

It saddens me so much, in fact, that I’ve decided I no longer want to live in this world.

Now although, if I’m to be perfectly honest with you, I have contemplated and even attempted to end my life in times gone by, for different reasons and under different circumstances, I want to clarify as soon as possible that the statement above is not one of hopelessness and helplessness. Rather, as I hope you’ll soon see, it’s one of hope and optimism!

Because when I note that “I no longer want to live in this world” I mean that I no longer want to live in a world that focuses on the worst of the worst, the extreme negativity, and death and despair.

I won’t ever bury my head in the sand and I will continue to monitor world events BUT I’m henceforth choosing to live in the other world; the world that receives much less attention…the world where good people do good things.

Did you know, for example, that…

  • extraordinary acts of support and love occurred within the midst of the Finsbury Park horror that attracted most headlines (HERE)
  • kindness can be found even within the despair of tragedies such as Grenfell Fire (HERE)
  • new research here in Australia just found that murder rates are at an all time low!
  • every day, in so many different ways, ordinary people in ordinary cities and towns, are helping each other with acts of generosity, compassion and love (HERE)
  • although a few countries are showing utter disdain for the environmental future of this planet, the majority remain committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and will work toward carbon emission reductions over the next few years (HERE)
  • and this (positive news) list could go on and on…

It’s hard to see sometimes but there’s much good in the world in which I’m choosing to live…and there’s plenty of room for you to come and join me too!