15 tips for a digital detox and more happiness!

15 tips for a digital detox and more happiness!

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Living and working in an increasingly digital world can be quite overwhelming, so much so that it becomes as difficult to switch off as kicking an addiction. Being constantly online and connected can prevent us from living our lives fully and even from doing our jobs right — the temptation to procrastinate is just a click away.

Reduced productivity and engagement at home and at the office are a direct result of this information overload we’re experiencing, according to a Stanford University study. Aside from the toll it has on our personal lives, this can lead to billions of dollars in losses to the economy.

Below, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council share their advice on how to effectively counter the overwhelm of living in a digital world, one step at a time.

Forbes Coaches Council members discuss how to put your device down and keep your head clear.

1. Set Clear Boundaries

We live in a time of massive opportunity within the digital space, but the problem is there are so many distractions and it’s hard to switch off. But we do need to switch off. You need to set boundaries on when you cease all digital activity every day. For example, never check email or social after 6 p.m. Your brain needs a break. – Ian Cleary, RazorSocial

2. Designate One Day Every Week As A Free Day

Although it may be challenging at first, carve out a full day (24 hours) during which you do not read or respond to emails, or check in on work at all. This time is only for you. Plan out how you will spend it. Take a hike, read a book… unwind. It may be tempting to check on email at first. But don’t do it. You’ll eventually get the hang of it, and won’t be able to live without these free days. – Laura M. Labovich, The Career Strategy Group

3. Learn And Develop New Bite-Sized Habits

Forget about trying to be a master of all the new technology. Pick one thing to learn about and develop a habit around. Once it becomes natural, pick another. It could be as simple as sharing one article every day on LinkedIn that is relevant to you and your network. Small changes compound over time to make big differences. – Larry Boyer, Success Rockets LLC

4. Identify And Eliminate Common Distractions

Working in a digital world has enormous benefits. Technological advances, for example, have proven invaluable. Smartphones make working anywhere possible. However, as the benefits increase, so do the distractions. The best way to counter overwhelm is to identify and eliminate the kinds of distractions likely to sidetrack you within the digital environment. Being proactive is key to your success. – Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq., WordSmithRapport

5. Schedule Your Digital Downloads

Feeling like your devices are running your life? Have a strategy for your digital engagement. Save social browsing for the end of your day or as a reward for completing a task. Set an intention for your browsing to accelerate a goal such as maintaining friendships or starting a job search. Review your device alerts and apps to show you the information most relevant to you. – Meredith Moore Crosby, Leverette, Weekes & Company, Inc.

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