What you think & what you say will shape your happiness and wellbeing!

What you think & what you say will shape your happiness and wellbeing!

via the Guardian by Gary John Bishop

You stumble through the door into your morning coffee ritual. As you make your way through a maze of chairs, tables and outstretched legs you finally arrive at your space at the end of the queue, and the deliberation begins…

“Maybe I’ll have something different this time, hmm, let me see… Iced cranberry lemon tea? Nah, I need the jolt, I’ll get my usual. Good, now what else… What about one of those muffins? Nah, I’m piling it on, there’s about 6,000 calories in one of those… Bagel? Ugh no, I’ll stick to the coffee.”

Your turn comes, the server asks: “How can I help you?” and you confidently declare: “Vanilla latte with a shot of espresso please.”

It all happens in seconds, this mass of deliberation, reasoning and decision making, and it’s never ending. While the coffee shop scenario might not be quite your thing, you’ll have your own version. This is how your mind works. It’s how all of our minds work, going constantly back and forth, every moment of every day of our lives.

Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s loud, but it’s always there, that little voice in our head. We all know the one, the internal dialogue that filters life, categorises people and hears what it hears to give life that ever-so-familiar ring to it.

Studies show that we have more than 50,000 thoughts per day. While we have little or no say in those automatic and reactionary thoughts, we have a massive say in which of those thoughts we attach significance to.

Your emotional state, your moods, your ways of being and acting are in a dance with your internal dialogue. Your experience of yourself, of being you, is intricately woven into existence in the way that you speak to yourself and others. It’s not only what you talk about but, more importantly, how you talk about it…

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