What if happiness was being UNbalanced?

What if happiness was being UNbalanced?

For many years now I’ve argued AGAINST the idea of work-life balance.

In my opinion, it was always an unrealistic goal and not one consistent with what I saw when I studied happiness and success.

Happy people often pursued interests and passions to the exclusion of other activities; and so for them, happiness and success was not about balance at all!

Now I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only one who things this; and if you’re interested in learning how happiness can come from being UNbalanced then keep reading below…

via the NY Times by Brad Stulberg

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been told to strive for balance. Yet I’ve noticed something interesting: The times in my life during which I’ve felt happiest and most alive are also the times that I’ve been the most unbalanced.

Falling in love. Writing a book. Trekking in the Himalayas. Training to set a personal record in a triathlon. During these bouts of full-on living I was completely consumed by my activity. Trying to be balanced — devoting equal proportions of time and energy to other areas of my life — would have detracted from the formative experiences.

It’s not just me. Nearly all of the great performers I’ve gotten to know — from athletes to artists to computer programmers to entrepreneurs — report a direct line between being happy, fulfilled and at their best and going all-in on something. Rich Roll, a top ultra-endurance athlete, told me that “the path to fulfillment in life, to emotional satisfaction, is to find what you really excites you and channel your all into it.” Dr. Michael Joyner, a top researcher at the Mayo Clinic, says “you’ve got to be a minimalist to be a maximalist; if you want to be really good, master and thoroughly enjoy one thing, you’ve got to say no to many others.” Nic Lamb, one of the best big-wave surfers on the planet, speaking of his relentless pursuit of excellence in the water, puts it like this: “The best way to find contentment is to give it your all.”

Perhaps we could all use a little more unbalance in our lives…

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